Heritage+ Registration Process

A step by step walkthrough of how to get started with Heritage+.

User Management Roles and Permissions

Take control of user accounts and provide the proper permissions for members of your team.

Customer Alerts & Notifications

Receive text or email notifications through Heritage+.

Invoice History, Open Orders and More

Heritage+ offers visual tools to help keep the office organized.

Shopping Lists

Heritage+ online has powerful tools to help enhance your shopping experience. In this video, Dwayne Smith covers Shopping LIsts.

Change Ship-To and Branch Location

Manage your default Branch and Ship-To locations inside Heritage+.

Using Excel with Heritage+

Use CSV files on the Heritage+ website to take control of your shopping cart.

Account Management

Utilize your account dashboard to manage user information, shipping addresses, and more.

Check Out Process

Pick your top poducts and checkout with our seamless checkout process.