Rain Bird RD1800 4" Pop-Up Spray Head with Seal-A-Matic, 30 PSI Regulated, Flow-Shield, Non-Potable Cover | A37341NP

Case Quantity: 75
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Shop for Rain Bird RD1800 Series Spray Head with SAM, PRS, Flow Shield, Non-Potable CoverRobust design for harsh applications Every landscape has elements that wear on your spray heads over time””from sand and grit to high water pressure and harmful chemicals in reclaimed water. RD1800™ was designed with these incredibly harsh conditions in mind. As the next evolution in spray heads from Rain Bird””the industry leader in sprays””RD1800 was built with exclusive materials and features that stand up to the challenges of any setting (see Features below for more information about what sets the RD1800 apart)BenefitsPatented, Triple-Blade Wiper Seal precisely balances flushing, flow-by and debris protection to optimize performance and durability at pop-up and retraction. Precision-controlled flushing at pop-up and retraction clears debris, ensuring positive stem retractionUnique debris pockets hold grit in place, removing it from circulation and preventing long-term damage. Parts are resistant to corrosion in treated recycled water containing chlorine SAM PRS Models: Incorporates all RD1800 Series SAM and PRS features. Meets the needs of all spray areas, regardless of changing elevation or water pressures Flow-Shield™ Models: Provides low flow vertical water jet visible from +200' line of sight when a nozzle has been removed Non-Potable Water Models: Provides an alternative to clip-on caps and molded purple covers. Easy-to-read English “DO NOT DRINK”, Spanish “NO BEBA” warnings, and international 'do not drink' symbol FEATURES AND BENEFITS The Ultimate Protection for both Potable and Non-Potable MarketsThe RD1800 Series has been built to withstand harsh operating conditions such as chemically treated recycled water (reclaimed / nonpotable), dirty water containing grit, debris, and other particulates, and high operating pressures common in commercial irrigation systems.Non-potable models add an extra level of defense against the chlorine and chemicals found in recycled water, and feature a purple seal with the international "Do Not Drink" symbol and warnings in English and Spanish


Rain Bird
Advanced Features:
Check Valve, Non-Potable, Pressure Regulation
Case Quantity:
Pop-Up Height:
4 in.
For Use With:
All Rain Bird® Plastic Spray Head Nozzles - Rotary Nozzles, U-Series, MPR, HE-VAN, VAN and SQ Series