Quick Tips

There are robost features inside of Shopping Lists. Read below to read more.

Change Sort Order

To change the listing order of your products in a Shopping List, click and hold the directional icon on the very left of the line items to re-arrange the items as you see fit.

Add Line Items

To add a line item to a Shopping List, click the "Add a New Product Line" button at the bottom of your line items. Click into the "Product Name" text field and start typing a part #, mfg # or product keyword. The system will return relevant results in the dropdown. Select the item from the dropdown to add the item with a quantity of "1". If you'd like to change the quantity, type the desired quantity in the "qty" field and click "Save & Close". You can add as many line items as you'd like to the Shopping List.

Make & Save Updates

Whenever you make a change such as sorting, deleting, or changing item quantity, you must click the "Save & Close" button when you are finished to save the changes.

Reset Quantities to 0

To reset all item quantities to "0", click the "Reset Quantities to 0" button at the bottom of your Shopping List. This way, when you are ordering off a you can add quantities only on the items you want to add to cart and click "Add All Items To Cart". Items with a quantity of "0" will be ignored and not added to your cart.